Peter W. Getsinger


Mr. Getsinger has been a member of our Board of Directors since his appointment in November 2014. Mr. Getsinger retired in 2018 from Nexstar Capital Partners LLC (a SEC registered firm), a firm that he founded in 2004 as an alternative investment management firm focused on investing in emerging markets with a primary concentration in Latin America, where he was managing partner and chief investment officer. The firm received its initial investment capital from the Griswold family, formerly the controlling shareholders of the Alex Brown investment banking firm of Baltimore. In 2005, his firm acquired an ownership interest in Electro Dunas S.A. (“Dunas,” an electricity distributor servicing the southwest of Peru and one of four privatized distribution companies in that country). Mr. Getsinger served as a board member of Dunas until 2016. From 2012 to 2014, he was chairman of its board of directors.

Prior to forming Nexstar, Mr. Getsinger was head of global investment banking for Latin America at Deutsche Bank. He held the same role at Bankers Trust Company in addition to running the global project finance business. He previously served as the senior vice president and head of fixed income sales for the United Kingdom, continental Europe, and the Middle East at Lehman Brothers. Mr. Getsinger is also a former director and owner of GPU Argentina Holdings, Inc.